Gray Living Room

What do you feel when imaging a gray living room? Some people might say the room will look dull, but there are also some people that consider it as a modern interior living room. Actually gray is a beautiful neutral color and has flexible characteristic. The impression that is posed by gray color application might be masculine, but with different touch, gray can be also looks soft and feminine. It’s all depending on the style that you choose in using this color. Gray can be applied both to contemporary design and also traditional design.

Gray is a combination of two elements, black and white. You can also say it is a balance or harmony of two extreme colors. Gray color is suitable if it is applied to all interiors, one of them is living room. Gray can create stable impression and makes the environment more comfortable. With gray living room, the room will be look more freshly, more over when you put little bit white color for plafond, frame, window and door. Gray color also has cooling effect when it is applied next to other brighter color. It has stabilization effect, makes bright color more prominent.

Create fresh impression by light gray gradation application to living room’s wall. To make the living room looks harmonious, you can also apply the gray color to the floor. But this time use dark gray so that the living room does not only look modern but also looks elegant and full of character. Dark gray can be also applied to table furniture, cupboard or storage. To avoid monotonous impression, you can present one bright color as an accent, for example red color on sofa furniture or use it as a frame such as wall decoration and vase. This color combination will appear modern and simple look that makes our mind more calm and also give peaceful touch. So why don’t you try gray living room in your home.