Beauty Nails

Beauty has always been a factor in people’s life that needs to be maintained from time to time. Beauty itself is mainly judge from the outer appearance where you are observed from top to toe. From head to toe is range from your hair, face, how you put on your make up, skin should be smooth and looks fresh, outfit should match your skin color, accessories and also shoes. Even to the small part of the body like nails, should be clean, well shape and shiny. There are many tips and trick that we can do in beauty nails. Manicure, pedicure, nail polish, nail buffer or even putting on a fake nails.

Manicure is one of the most famous nail treatments. When you get your nails manicured, especially in saloon, you will get your nails being cleaned, buffered and cut according to the shape you would like to have. Also there is an adding in French manicure where they put a clear nail polish with vitamins to your nails to keep your nails moisture. We must pay extra attention during our nail treatment session as there are some important things about our nails that we need to be extra careful. Do not cut or manipulate cuticles. This is very important as cuticles are your guardian against fungus and bacteria. Even that it might look prettier when it is cut or it makes it easier to put a fake nails, but your health is more important.

The using of nail polish and fake nails are also included to the beauty nails. There are many range of colors that you can choose to be put on your nails. And for most people who are dreaming of having long beautiful nails without having to wait long time, fake nails is the answer for your desire. There are many types of nail polish that we can choose. The good one will be protecting your nails from dryness and easy to be removed. But some others may harm your nails and turning it thinner when you remove the color. Keep your nails protection as main priority, keep it clean, strong and beautiful always to gives you more confident.

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