Rihanna Lyric

“And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful and it kills him inside, to know that I am happy with some other guy..”  Sebuah lirik yang sangat dalam dan bermakna yang datang dari Rihanna. Ini adalah lirik dari lagu berjudul ‘unfaithful’ adalah salah satu hit besar bahwa Rihanna telah diberikan kepada industri musik. Lagu yang slow dan sajak yang memilukan. Dengan karakteristik nya yang unik dan kuat suara, Rihanna telah menempatkan dirinya dalam garis diva di dunia. Banyak lagunya termasuk setia menjadi nomor satu di tangga lagu radio di Amerika dan Inggris.

Lagu slow yang memukau selalu mendapat tempat di hati mereka yang sensitif dan ini adalah mengapa Rihanna selalu mendapatkan tempat di hati pendengar. Lagu yang paling terkenal di seluruh dunia dengan Rihanna menurut survei tersebut adalah sebuah lagu yang berjudul ‘umbrella’. Lagu ini mengalahkan up telah membawa Rihanna ke puncak karirnya. Lagu ini juga memungkinkan dirinya untuk berkolaborasi dengan rapper terkenal, Jay-Z.  Lirik Rihanna di payung sangat sederhana, menangkap dan ceria.

Meskipun ketika kita mendengarkan dengan seksama dan memahami makna, sangat mendalam juga. Lirik di mana ia meletakkan pengulangan di atasnya, “”under my umbrella, ella, ella, e, e, e, under my umbrella.. ” Apakah dinyanyikan oleh hampir semua orang dan menjadi ungkapan yang sangat terkenal. Hal ini masih diingat bahkan sampai saat ini. Ketika Anda mendengarkan lagu ini Anda ingin menyanyikannya langsung. Lagu lain yang terkenal dari album Girl Gone Bad Baik adalah ‘take a bow’.

Lagu ini dikatakan sebuah lagu yang mewakili perasaan Rihanna setelah insiden dengan mantan pacar Chris Brown itu. Banyak orang mengatakan bahwa lirik diwakili apa yang dia ingin mengatakan untuk Chris. Hal ini sangat umum dalam industri musik di mana salah satu penyanyi melemparkan sebuah lagu yang didedikasikan untuk penyanyi lain untuk diam-diam sedang menyindir kepada mereka.

Rihanna lyric dimana dia menempatkan kata-kata “But you put on quite a show, really had me going, But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing, That was quite a show, very entertaining, But it’s over now, Go on and take a bow ” dikatakan bahwa ini adalah mirip dengan kisah cintanya dengan Chris Brown yang tidak berakhir dengan baik. Apapun makna di balik lirik, lagu Rihanna ikut meramaikan  industri musik dunia.

Decorations for home

There is no place like home. It is where you belong and where you will always go back to. Everyone in this world would dream of a beautiful home. Some may fancy a big modern three storey house with the touch of architectural design for the front look. Some may be really happy with one single storey old looking house with wide open space inside and simple looks from the outside. The smell of fresh new paint and wall furnish, the shiny wooden floor covering the terrace and comfortable big sofa at the living room with flat screen LED TV in front of it, giving the most convenient place to relax and to enjoy your little rest after a long day work. The picture of families hanging on the wall, the shiny crystal chandelier and big cozy bed are the tiny details represent all the decorations for home.

It is not always how big your house is, or how expensive your furnitures are, sometimes it is about how you choose the right decorations and put it at the right corner of your house. Everything must be chosen carefully. Decorations for home are not just decorations. It is an image of you. The furniture you choose will determine your personality and heart. Also the lamp, the wall colour or even a picture frame can determine how you are. All these items you can find at a home decor store or at other decorations for home store. If you love something old fashioned and unique, you can go for a little adventure and search an antique store to get wonderful items with oldies touch. Things you need to remember carefully are the space of your house. We need to leave a little space for the air flow at some area. This is also to make everyone’s movement flexible, especially kids. Take only the furniture and decorations you need and choose wisely.

One items from a decorations for home store that can give the whole different feelings at your home is rugs. Color, material, size and shape, are thing we need to decide in choosing a rug. Bright colour is good but the cleanliness of it must be consistenly maintained by day as bright colour will get easily dirty when something spill on it. Dark colour can gloom your room but the right dark colour can bring elegancy at your feet. There are many types of rugs material, such as blended, chenille, cotton, natural fiber, wool, silk blend and synthetic rugs. Give your bedroom wool rugs, your living room chenille or cotton and your kitchen may get the natural fiber one. All will give different kind of satisfaction.

DIY Craft and Accessories

Nowadays a business of creating our daily items such as outfit or accessories from very simple objects is getting more famous by day. It is the DIY craft and accessories that offer you the coolest thing for you to wear with the easiest way to create it yourself. The DIY stand for Do It Yourself and it refers to how you make your own items at the palm of your hands. It is focusing on daily wear items and also house’s accessories. T-shirt, bags, bracelet, shoes, frame picture or a slip cover for your couch, you can make all of this by yourself.

DIY craft and accessories offer a lot of tutorials on how to use your old abandoned items into something unique that you will be proud of wearing now. It is simple and of course, very affordable rather cheap. You can just take a peek on the tutorials on how you can recreate your items and practicing it at home. The most common things to be recreated are t-shirt. There is a lot of thing that you can do to reconstruct your t-shirt. You can add a arm warmer or a flounce hem or a baseball sleeves or simply cutting some part and sew it back with adding some patterns on it to make it looks sexier.

DIY crafts accessories are the easiest tool guide to do your own reconstruction. If you love to create a unique items and your mind is out of the box, then maybe you are the DIY person. Many tutorials are showed and all of it is very easy to follow. This is one good business for young and free minded individuals. They can search for an unused items and recreate it into a cool new one and sell it to the market. Not only the items will be different from others but also it will be rare and one of a kind. Because all the items are made by self, it will be hard to make several items with the exact same patterns. The result from each item will not be the same. Therefore when you sell it, you can offer it as the one and only items in the world.

Home DIY Projects

DIUor Do It Yourself is a network that covers from website to TV shows that promote personal touch at your home. This network is promoting a way where you can make every kind of design at your home by your own hand. After you learn about this network you will be able to make a decorative design for your home with your own skills. Do it yourself will assist you to create amazing art craft and accessories that will enlightened your house. You can do remodeling, painting or decorate your walls, doors, windows, floors, outdoors, your kitchen or even your bathroom. Home DIY projects will help you to become your own architecture at home.

Home DIY projects will create a new atmosphere for your house. You do not need to be an artist to be able to decorate your home like professionals. Nowadays people are not only experimenting in colors anymore, more people are using wallpapers to make their walls cheerful. Colorful patterns, easy to placed and some can be cheaper than the paint. But wallpaper has its expired date. It does not hold extreme weather as what particulars paint does and it does not hold for years. At some point you must remove it and placed a new one or paint your wall all over again. However, wallpaper is a nice idea to decorate your kid’s rooms and your bedroom. Be very careful though as removing wallpaper need a tricky way not to harm your wall or damage it.

One of the home DIY projects will show you how to make a cornice board on your window. It is very easy and it will not cost you a fortune. In fact, cornice board that will make your interior looks more luxurious is considered a very cheap remodeling for your window. Many projects in DIY network are based on a very low budget. This is to allow everyone to access the possibility to decorate their house. Also in the DIY TV shows, they are showing the easiest way of doing some remodeling or redecorate your home. Using the easiest material you can get, in one full day, you can transform your house just like a fancy new one.

Home Decorators

Home is where your heart is. It is where you placed your mind and soul under one roof. As they say, your home will reflect your personality. And a gorgeous house can be your ideal home if you choose the right items to fill it. Everything attached to your house represented the home you always dream of, the paint color, the architecture, the design, and also the furniture and decorations that cheering up your house. Unique architecture is one strong point that people are using now to enhance their house appearance. Most of them are trying to look as bold as possible, different from others. Another one is playing with paint color that will give some absorbent feelings when they are looking at it. For those who have a normal type of house, they are using the furniture and decorations to make their simple house more comfortable and of course, taste elegant and luxurious in the inside. If you are included to the last one, home decorators are the perfect choice for you to get your furniture and home decorations.

Home decorator is one ofAmerica’s leading retail shops specializing in houses equipment, furniture and decorations. Located in some states inAmericasuch asIllinois,Atlanta,Georgia,Kansas,Missouri, andNew Jersey, home decorator has been Americans choice of good quality and also luxurious home decorations. You can find almost everything you need to decorate your house here. A leather sofa for your living room, redwood kitchen set, tall white bed lamp, beautiful rugs to home theatre are available here. Home decorators also have some furniture collection from Martha Stewart living.

Home decorator is also offering a shipping system that is very easy and can deliver your order in less than a week. You have the least thing to worry now as you can always browse online the official home decorator website and put in the cart the items you would like to have. They try their best to always satisfy their customer, the face to face customer who comes to the store and also the online customer who shop through the website. They always try to ship the items as soon as possible even within 24 hours. Quality, satisfaction and great service are the face of home decorators.

Home decorating art

Home decorating art is based on our innovation and creation, so there is no exact standard. But there is some guidance that you can follow so that the home decoration becomes better. Adjust your life style with the home decoration. Paint color makes difference to the room, dark color can make room feel more comfortable and bright color can make room feel wider. If you put picture or photo, it should be as high as eyes can see to make it easy to see it. Use wallpaper as your home decoration addition. Match the pattern and color with the room size. Collect some pictures of rooms that you like as a reference in decorating your home.

There are some points that should be avoided in home decorating art. Do the painting only if the wall and floor has already coated well with material. Do not think that furniture has to be stick to the wall, because it only applies to small room. Do not collect things too much to avoid messy impression. Do not ignore detail; match the furniture with your house theme. Do not use display that is too small. Adjust it with the room size, usually 2/3 from wall width. If you don’t have one big display, try to combine some displays and put it close. Do not place too many furniture in small room.

Before you start painting, try the paint color that you choose. Test it before you spend a lot of money and time for this work. Many people feel disappointed with the paint color that they choose. Most of them choose the color from the color sheet and start painting. After finish, they realize that the color is too dark or too bright. Do not forget to combine the material and color that will be used in overall design, such as sofa material, carpet, wallpaper, accessories, etc. This will define the color scheme for every room. The usage of color and pattern that will be used for all room must be match. Use the second or third or other color to support the main color and accent for all rooms. Use this color with small portion. The last and the most important in home decorating art is try to experiment, just let your home without decoration just make you disappointed and frustration.

Gray Living Room

What do you feel when imaging a gray living room? Some people might say the room will look dull, but there are also some people that consider it as a modern interior living room. Actually gray is a beautiful neutral color and has flexible characteristic. The impression that is posed by gray color application might be masculine, but with different touch, gray can be also looks soft and feminine. It’s all depending on the style that you choose in using this color. Gray can be applied both to contemporary design and also traditional design.

Gray is a combination of two elements, black and white. You can also say it is a balance or harmony of two extreme colors. Gray color is suitable if it is applied to all interiors, one of them is living room. Gray can create stable impression and makes the environment more comfortable. With gray living room, the room will be look more freshly, more over when you put little bit white color for plafond, frame, window and door. Gray color also has cooling effect when it is applied next to other brighter color. It has stabilization effect, makes bright color more prominent.

Create fresh impression by light gray gradation application to living room’s wall. To make the living room looks harmonious, you can also apply the gray color to the floor. But this time use dark gray so that the living room does not only look modern but also looks elegant and full of character. Dark gray can be also applied to table furniture, cupboard or storage. To avoid monotonous impression, you can present one bright color as an accent, for example red color on sofa furniture or use it as a frame such as wall decoration and vase. This color combination will appear modern and simple look that makes our mind more calm and also give peaceful touch. So why don’t you try gray living room in your home.

Living Room Ideas

Besides bed room, living room is a place where you spend time the most, even for chatting with friends, watching movie with kids or relaxing with someone special. Usually people spend a lot of time to think about living room ideas to create comfort and relaxing room. To reach that goal, it needs more than decoration. First step that we have to do is making a design plan. Consider the main purpose of living room, is it really single functioned or also functioned as a family room. Is it also used for reading activity or playing game or watching television? After that you should make detail plan and begin to find suitable design ideas.

There are many living room ideas to make your living room more comfortable where you can find it from books, design interior magazines or internet. Pay attention to color selection, decoration element such as curtain, art collection. One advantage that you can get by looking for inspiration is you can easily know what the current trend is, but don’t forget that the best design is something that reflect your personal characteristic.

Before you decide to buy furniture, you have to choose furniture that suitable with the activity and function of the room. Consider about the design, size and the type. If you have small room, don’t put too many furniture. The main part of your living room furniture is sofa. Sofa must be comfort so that can make you relax, playing place for kids and make your friends want to stay longer. Modern sofa has elegant design, combining shape and function so that becomes decoration ornament in the living room. An elegant carpet can also decorate living room, especially for modern house with big living room. A television cabinet in your living room must be slim. Accessories must be placed well. Choose bright color for one or two accessories as a point of interest from your all accessories collection. The best color for living room is bright and neutral color. It will facilitate us to combine furniture, curtain, accessories, lamp, etc.

Dining Room Ideas

There are many dining room ideas to turn on your dining room or to make it more stylish. Good dining room design interior is a dining room that has function in accordance with the main goal, which is eat well and can support other activities. Because of that, in arranging or designing dining room, there are many things we have to concern. Dining table can be put near kitchen set at pantry to facilitate the food serving activity. Along with the development of dining room interior design development, the activity on the table can be optimized as ‘second family room’ where family member can share some stories or brainstorm on dining table or as the children study room and ‘small office’ for parents if they’re forced to bring their work to home.

If you want the dine activity is going well, without interference and time on dining table becomes quality time, you can design the dining room separate from other rooms. You can put the dining room in special area or combine it with the room that has supportive activity, for example put the dining room in the kitchen. If you like the dine activity with nature feel, you can put the dining room at terrace area facing to the park. The lamp arrangement in dining room can be set so that can give enough light to the activity on the dining table. The hanging lamp on dining table can be one of dining room ideas to make your dining room more beautiful.

The following are other dining room ideas that can be useful for you: add carpet in dining room that has similar color with the wall or you can use contrast color but first you have to match it. Give something that can be main attention on the dining table such as flower, decorative candles, glass bowl or fruit vase. Change the dining table can be also useful to bring new environment so that you won’t get bored.