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Rihanna Lyric

“And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful and it kills him inside, to know that I am happy with some other guy..”  Sebuah lirik yang sangat dalam dan bermakna yang datang dari Rihanna. Ini adalah lirik dari lagu berjudul ‘unfaithful’ adalah salah satu hit besar bahwa Rihanna telah diberikan kepada industri musik. Lagu yang… Read More »

Decorations for home

There is no place like home. It is where you belong and where you will always go back to. Everyone in this world would dream of a beautiful home. Some may fancy a big modern three storey house with the touch of architectural design for the front look. Some may be really happy with one… Read More »

DIY Craft and Accessories

Nowadays a business of creating our daily items such as outfit or accessories from very simple objects is getting more famous by day. It is the DIY craft and accessories that offer you the coolest thing for you to wear with the easiest way to create it yourself. The DIY stand for Do It Yourself… Read More »

Home DIY Projects

DIUor Do It Yourself is a network that covers from website to TV shows that promote personal touch at your home. This network is promoting a way where you can make every kind of design at your home by your own hand. After you learn about this network you will be able to make a… Read More »

Home Decorators

Home is where your heart is. It is where you placed your mind and soul under one roof. As they say, your home will reflect your personality. And a gorgeous house can be your ideal home if you choose the right items to fill it. Everything attached to your house represented the home you always… Read More »

Home decorating art

Home decorating art is based on our innovation and creation, so there is no exact standard. But there is some guidance that you can follow so that the home decoration becomes better. Adjust your life style with the home decoration. Paint color makes difference to the room, dark color can make room feel more comfortable… Read More »

Gray Living Room

What do you feel when imaging a gray living room? Some people might say the room will look dull, but there are also some people that consider it as a modern interior living room. Actually gray is a beautiful neutral color and has flexible characteristic. The impression that is posed by gray color application might… Read More »

Living Room Ideas

Besides bed room, living room is a place where you spend time the most, even for chatting with friends, watching movie with kids or relaxing with someone special. Usually people spend a lot of time to think about living room ideas to create comfort and relaxing room. To reach that goal, it needs more than… Read More »

Dining Room Ideas

There are many dining room ideas to turn on your dining room or to make it more stylish. Good dining room design interior is a dining room that has function in accordance with the main goal, which is eat well and can support other activities. Because of that, in arranging or designing dining room, there… Read More »