Home decorating art

Home decorating art is based on our innovation and creation, so there is no exact standard. But there is some guidance that you can follow so that the home decoration becomes better. Adjust your life style with the home decoration. Paint color makes difference to the room, dark color can make room feel more comfortable and bright color can make room feel wider. If you put picture or photo, it should be as high as eyes can see to make it easy to see it. Use wallpaper as your home decoration addition. Match the pattern and color with the room size. Collect some pictures of rooms that you like as a reference in decorating your home.

There are some points that should be avoided in home decorating art. Do the painting only if the wall and floor has already coated well with material. Do not think that furniture has to be stick to the wall, because it only applies to small room. Do not collect things too much to avoid messy impression. Do not ignore detail; match the furniture with your house theme. Do not use display that is too small. Adjust it with the room size, usually 2/3 from wall width. If you don’t have one big display, try to combine some displays and put it close. Do not place too many furniture in small room.

Before you start painting, try the paint color that you choose. Test it before you spend a lot of money and time for this work. Many people feel disappointed with the paint color that they choose. Most of them choose the color from the color sheet and start painting. After finish, they realize that the color is too dark or too bright. Do not forget to combine the material and color that will be used in overall design, such as sofa material, carpet, wallpaper, accessories, etc. This will define the color scheme for every room. The usage of color and pattern that will be used for all room must be match. Use the second or third or other color to support the main color and accent for all rooms. Use this color with small portion. The last and the most important in home decorating art is try to experiment, just let your home without decoration just make you disappointed and frustration.

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