Quality Improvement Plan

There are two types of quality improvement plan methodology that are PDSA and Six Sigma. PDSA is abbreviation of Plan, Do, Study and Act. First you have to plan the improvement. Identify the opportunity for improvement and define the objective. Find the reason why you have to do this and the way to do it differently to make it better. Develop a multidisciplinary team and identify what you are going to measure. Second, do the improvement process. Here you have to collect and analyze the data then implement the change strategies. Do only small changes. Third, study/check the result. Try to find the source of errors and review the re-measurement data. Identify weather the results of the change is better, worse or a lateral. The last is act to hold the gain and continue to improve the process. Documentation all the process and report it to the people involved.

            The second type of quality improvement plan is Six Sigma. In Six Sigma, you have to define the problem and set the goal. Focus not simply on the result, but also on the process. Map the process as it occurs now to identify areas for improvement. Identify the benefits of making improvements and then measure the defects or process operation. Develop a tool to collect the necessary data and look at the existing sources that you might already have collected to help measure the problem.

The next step in six sigma methodology of quality improvement plan is analyzing the data and discovers the causes of the problem. Use brainstorming techniques, bar graphs, etc., to help analyze the data. Identify the process that needs improvement (identify the root cause). Improve the process to remove causes of defects. Test the solutions on a small scale to see if they work successfully. If it doesn’t work well, try another process. Control the process to make sure that the defects will not happen again. Establish standard measures to maintain performance.


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