Self Improvement Tips

For most people, self improvement is an abstract thing. Is it only giving motivation when you are down? What is the relationship between self improvement and creativity? When we should do self improvement? From all definition of self improvement, self improvement can be begun from the knowledge about who is our self, what do we want and our goal, what do we have to reach that goal. Those three points become our base for our self improvement. To reach what we want, we have to know who we are and what we have to reach that. From that point, we can prepare by studying, trying and working.

Self improvement is a wide topic because inside that there are include time management, personal goal setting, creative thinking, self healing, motivation, problem solving and many more. But we always back to those three points above because self improvement is process that must happen inside our self, not someone else. It means we create new condition at outside by doing some changes inside our self. Many people try to follow some self improvement tips but some of them can’t really achieve the improvement. To reach what you want now which improve your self, needs consciousness, will and high commitment from your self.

There are some self improvement tips that you can do to improve your self. First, be grateful. Be grateful to what you have now. Don’t feel loss of what you don’t have. Just accept it just the way it is. Don’t blame other people or God. Second, loves your self. Love your own self before you love someone else because your self is number one. Third, observe your self. Who is your self now and what do you want to be later. Try to give some time to think about who you really are. Fourth, open mind and learn. You have to be open minded to know about your self and do improvement. Try to accept all inputs. Don’t blame or insult those inputs but also don’t trust those inputs immediately.

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