Make 16,000 Projects With Step By Step Plans

even if you don’t have a large workshop or expensive tools!

Each of the 16,000 projects are detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for beginners. 


It contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

1. Step-By-Step Instructions

You get detailed projects with step by step, A to Z instructions that makes building projects super fast, super easy and super fun.

With the simple “hold-you-by-the hand” instructions, you can complete woodworking projects in the small fraction of the time it currently takes you.

It’s like having a MASTER woodworker, by your side, guiding you through the entire project

detailed woodworking plans

2. Cutting & Materials List

You get exact cutting and materials list for every project.

You will be able to buy exact amounts which means you’ll stop wasting your hard earned cash on wrong wood, wrong materials or the wrong quantity.

It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves money. You’ll spend more time building, less time fretting.

woodworking cutting list materials

3. Detailed Schematics

With sharp and colorful schematics included in each plan, there’s simply no guesswork involved. The level of details makes the most challenging project a walk in the park!

When instructions are THIS clear, your project BUILDS ITSELF. All the pieces just “Click” into place.

You’ll complete projects in a fraction of the time it usually takes you.

woodworking projects

4. Views From All Angles

You get to see EXACTLY how everything should look BEFORE you build them.

Most plans don’t include this and simply assume. You’ll end up building something that doesn’t look like the drawing!

You get intricate details of every angle, every corner, every joint. The plans will NEVER leave you guessing or scratching your head over any detail.

wood projects plans

5. Suitable For Beginners & Professionals

We’ve got plans that cover all levels of skill and competence. You do NOT need to be a master woodworker or have expensive machinery to use our plans.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an amateur woodworker with hand tools or a seasoned pro, you’ll find thousands of projects that will suit your level.

download woodworking plan

Cetak Kalender Pilkada 2019

Musim Kampanye telah tiba, dan akan segera digelar Pemilu 2019, Seluruh Peserta Pemilu akan saling berjuang untuk mendulang suara di ajang pemilihan legislatif, kepala daerah hingga Presiden.

Waktu semakin dekat saatnya Anda memperkenalkan diri anda sedini mungkin agar lebih banyak pemilih yang mengenal Anda dan Visi Anda.

Ayo Buruan Pesan Kalender sekarang


ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Make Sure the N79S is Right for You…


ECOVACS App requires 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi. Please note that certain app features like virtual mapping are only available with specific ECOVACS products. Please check product description or contact our customer support team for further information. For customers who can’t use the ECOVACS App or Alexa, the N79S comes with (1) traditional remote controller.

Versus Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners do not entirely replace the need for manual cleaning and are not a complete substitute for traditional vacuum cleaners (yet). They greatly reduce the frequency and effort needed for regular cleaning.

Product Maintenance

For optimal performance please regularly clean the N79S. Please see the instruction manual for detail instructions on how to properly clean your N79S. The N79S comes with complimentary cleaning tools.

Area Preparation

Prior to cleaning, please clear the intended cleaning area of objects that can obstruct the N79S’s movement including cords, wires, etc. Also note the N79S can become stuck under furniture.

Floor Type

For optimal performance, the N79S is best used on hardwood and tiles floors, or on light colored thin, low-pile carpets. Performance is poor when used on dark colored or thick carpets. If your home contains a large number of rugs or thick carpets, we do not recommend the N79S.

Air Filtration

The N79S air filtration system captures particles that are ejected into the air while it cleans, reducing the amount of airborne particles present in your home. The N79S is not a suitable substitute for a standard air filtration system.

Noise Level

The N79S noise level in standard suction mode is about ~67 dbA, and can reach ~70 dbA when in Max Mode. This audio level is sufficiently low that you can comfortably watch television or chat on the phone without being disturbed.

Used & New Products

If customers accidentally receive a used product, please contact our customer support immediately for a new product or refund.

Product information

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Review

  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY AT HOME: Competition-grade 9×5 foot regulation size indoor table tennis table and net set perfect for your home, office or community center. Made by the official table brand of US Open and US Nationals Championships. USATT Approved.

  • NO HASSLE, QUICK SET-UP: Comes 95% pre-assembled. Assembly time NOW REDUCED: 10 minutes and you’re ready to play! Simply attach the legs with only 8 bolts TOTAL. Tournament grade net is a simple clamp design for easy attachment.

  • RELIABLE/LEVEL PLAY: Durable 5/8 inch (15 mm) thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) multi-layer painted surface for a consistent and reliable ball bounce. The table sits on thick steel legs with leg height adjusters to ensure a level playing surface.

  • SAFE & MOBILE STORAGE: Folding halves sit on separate 4-wheel trolley systems for mobility when alone or nested together. Automatic anti-tilting locking devices and 4 locking caster wheels per half provide added safety during play, transport & storage.

  • PLAY SOLO WITH PLAYBACK MODE: You can still play table tennis on the best table around if you don’t have a partner! Simply utilize the 2-piece design and unfold one half while leaving the other vertical for solo playback mode.

From the manufacturer

3 Inch Locking Casters

Three-inch caster wheels glide easily to make moving the Inside Table simple. Each half of the table has four wheels, so you can move the table as a whole or when separated. This allows for easy and compact storage when the table is folded. Each caster wheel also features locking devices to ensure stability while playing and safety when storing.

5/8 Inch Dark Blue Tabletop with Silkscreen Striping

3 Inch Locking Casters

Safety Latch System

1.5 Inch Steel Tube Aprons

JOOLA Inside 15 JOOLA Rally TL 300 JOOLA Rally TL 500 JOOLA Rally TL 700 JOOLA Inside 18 JOOLA Inside 25
Table Surface / Color 5/8in – Blue 5/8in – Charcoal 3/4in – Charcoal 1in – Charcoal 3/4in – Blue 1in – Blue
Apron 30x20mm 30x20mm 40x20mm 50x20mm 40x20mm 50x20mm
Legs 30x30mm 30x30mm 40x40mm 50x50mm 40x40mm 50x40mm
Leg Levelers 1.25in 1.25in 1.5in 2in 1.5in 2in
Wheels 3in 3in 3in 4in 3in 4in
Net Quick Assembly Clamp Net Quick Assembly Clamp Net Quick Assembly Clamp Net Competition Grade Net Quick Assembly Clamp Net Competition Grade Net
Ball Storage N/A N/A N/A
Abacus Scorer N/A N/A N/A
Assembly Time 10-20min 10-20min 10-20min 10-20min 10-20min 10-20min

Product description

The JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table with Net Set has been JOOLA’s best-selling table year after year! This is the perfect table for anyone looking for a fun-filled game of table tennis at an affordable price. This awesome table tennis table comes 95% pre-assembled and is ready to play in just 10 minutes! A sleek frame and separable nesting halves make this table perfect for compact storage. The professional-grade 5/8 inch (15 mm) wood composite surface creates a consistent ball bounce and durability. Additionally, the 1.5 inch apron and 1.5 inch diameter sturdy steel legs are used to create a durable table that lasts for years. The table legs feature adjustable height levelers to ensure a level playing surface and 3-inch locking caster wheels for added stability. The JOOLA Inside 15 Table features dual safety anti-tilting locking devices to ensure safety when the table is in both playing and storage positions. The included net and post set features a simple, removable clamp post and an adjustable net tension system. The JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table and Net Set are USATT approved. Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions! JOOLA is a proud sponsor of USA Table Tennis. Disclaimer: This is not a Ping Pong branded product and is not covered under any Ping Pong manufacturer’s warranty. The Ping Pong brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of Escalade Sports.

Pembuatan Nametag Plastik VPC/ Akrilik / & Logam

Name Tag adalah Tanda Pengenal yang dipakai atau ditempelkan pada pakaian sekitar dada sebagai identitas berupa nama, jabatan atau kedudukan seseorang di suatu perusahaan, bank, sekolahan, pabrik, Rumah sakit atau Puskesmas dan lain sebagainya.

Kami menerima Pembuatan Nametag yang terbuat dari :

1. Nametag Plastik PVC id dilapis Akrilik dan diberi finishing resin seperti gelembung bening supaya lebih menarik.

2. Nametag Logam : Aluminium/ Kuningan dan diberi finishing resin gelembung bening agar terlihat elegan

Dengan Pilihan Penjepit : Peniti dan Magnet


Holy Stone HS230 RC Review

Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing Quadcopter – A Great Racing Drone That Can’t Be Missed.

HS230 was created with high power acceleration, whose speed is up to 45km/h.

Much fun for experienced pilots. With the Modular 720P 120° FOV HD camera and 5.8GHz real-time Image transfer, you can watch a live video from the LED srceen and snap wonderful photos when competing in high-speed racing.

For beginners, it would difficult at the beginning. You can get confidence by using a low speed mode, then switch to a high speed mode for a bigger challenge.

NO Altitude Hold! NO Auto Hovering! Are you READY to take a challenge?


  • 5.8GHz FPV Real Time Transmission and 2.4GHz Operating Frequency–The 5.8GHz Analog Signal Receiver and 2.4GHz Operating Frequency provides more stabilization and zero-latency; enjoy real time video from the longest sight distance.
  • 720P FOV 120° HD Modular Camera for Aerial Photography —LCD Monitor is equipped with Transmitter.No phone required.
  • 3 Speed Modes Racing Drone
  • Headless Mode
  • 360° Rolls
  • Modular Extra Batteries– Design to ensure safety for both usage and charging; 2pcs of high performance batteires double your flight time.
  • Bright LED Lights–LED navigation lights and remote control indicator light for night flight.
  • Low Power Alert– Enable pilot time to solve any potential problem in time and make sure that the racing drone is always under control.

Pembuatan Plakat Akrilik untuk Penghargaan/ Wisuda

Plakat adalah suatu benda yang diberikan pada seseorang karena suatu pencapaian tertentu. Plakat sering digunakan untuk kenang-kenangan yang dapat dipajang sebagai hiasan karena prestasinya.

Kami Menerima Pembuatan Plakat Akrilik dengan harga yang terjangkau dan hasil yang memuaskan.

Untuk Info dan Pemesanan KLIK DISINI

Jasa Dekorasi Balon Balikpapan

Balon dekorasi merupakan dekorasi yang sangat fantastic bagi mereka yang melihatnya lebih elegan dan menarik bukan hanya untuk ulang tahun Anak anak saja tetapi balon sudah menjadi hal yang harus ada di acara acara ceremonial lain seperti Pengantin/ Wedding/ Ulang Tahun Perusahaan/ atau Kolega dan lain lain.

Dekorasi seperti Balon Gate, Backdroop, Pohon, bunga dan lain-lain sangat cantik bila dipadukan dalam suatu acara Ulang Tahun ataupun Wedding Party.

Kami Jasa Dekorasi Balon Balikpapan menerima Jasa Dekorasi Balon untuk semua acara. Dengan harga yang murah anda sudah dapat memeriahkan momen Anda bersama orang orang yang Anda Sayangi.

Untuk Info dan Pemesanan : KLIK DISINI